Sunday, May 26, 2013

First Fish!

This is one of the ponds on the land where we rented a house in Johnson City.
And on the second day of our Family Vacation, Saturday May 11, 2013, it is where Jory taught Aaron to fish.
Which was the sweetest thing I have ever witnessed.
He went through everything step by step with him.
And Aaron was so attentive
Here we go
This was when Jory was teaching Aaron all about what to expect
So precious to hear
Talking about casting
First cast
There it goes!

Aaron holding the rod
It's a big one
Look at that
So proud and excited!

Fish #1 was a catfish

#2 and 3 were perch
Love this!

Abby watched from a distance

And danced on the deck
Sweet waiting
Her own time with Daddy
After an afternoon of fishing, we enjoyed the ranch, ate leftovers and put the kids to bed.  And then we enjoyed the most beautiful weather on the balcony.

1 comment:

Beth said...

She looks like she's not too sure about the fishing that J & A are doing! Love the dancing photo and her photos with J!
I loved hearing Aaron tell about catching the fish. You can see his excitement and happiness in these pics!:>)