Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First Full Week

 The kids had half days last week so this is their first full week of school. 
 It's still going really well, but it's a bit tiring getting back in the swing.

 Abigail's dance started back up last week so she has that after school on Mondays.  It's going really well.

Her favorite part is the tumbling, and she has been begging to be put in gymnastics, so that will probably start next week.




 Aaron's obviously not in anything right now.  He'll start piano again when his sling comes off, but no sports this fall. 

 Our Wednesday night church programs start tonight and we get to eat dinner at the church each week so that's fun.


Love these kiddos!

Friday, August 26, 2016

All things Dragon

 Tonight is the first Dragon Football game and Aaron is so excited!


 Abigail is staying home in her brother's pjs and painting and playing Sorry!

This is at their school.  I took it when we went for assessments.  

Dragon Green Friday!

Aaron is so excited about the first football game tonight!

 (This is not the shoe and sock combo I laid out for her)


What a fantastic week we've had!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fourth Day of School


 Today was another great day!  I can't believe the week is almost over. 


Abigail swears she has a loose tooth (she doesn't)



Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Third Day of School



 The kids had another good day.  We had Sunday School Supper Club at the Splash Pad last night so they didn't wake up and spring out of bed like the other days.  It was a long day because we had assessments after school and they couldn't nap.  And I have a meeting at church in a little bit so they are about to get drug out again!

Their literacy assessments went really well.  Aaron's reading on a 4th Grade level.  His teacher is very impressed with him on an academic, emotional and social level.  Abigail is reading on a 1st Grade level.  Her teacher (and her bus driver) is working on getting her to stay in her seat.  Sigh.  I hope they figure it out. 


 This was Aaron telling Abigail how to get to her class this morning.  She took me right there at assessment so I think she's got it now.




Second Day of School


The kids had another great day of school yesterday.  The bus riders went into the gym before class which will be the norm for the year and then they left by grade to go to their classes.  So Abigail walked with all the kindergartners and made it to class without her Bubby's help.  But she did ask him again this morning to tell her how to get to her class just in case.

 Aaron is in 2nd grade with Mr. Dewester.  He knows a couple of the kids in his class but I wouldn't say any of his friends are in there.  They don't have lunch or recess this week, because they go half days and the teachers do literary assessments in the afternoon.  They do have Specials (Music, Art, PE and Science).  They have a new music teacher this year and Aaron really likes her.  The old one is a piano player at our church and Aaron was sad to see her go, so I am glad he likes the new one.




 Abigail is in Kindergarten with Mrs. Morgan.  One of her good friends from church is in her class.  The kindergarteners do have recess this week and she has seen lots of her friends on the playground. 



Monday, August 22, 2016

First day of school

 The kids both had a great first day of school.  This was Abigail excited to find a snail going in his shell when we came out to take pictures this morning.  She had never seen one doing that.














Here comes the bus!

The last days

 We've been so excited about starting back to school.  It was rainy this weekend and we played a lot of Sorry!  My mom sent me this game in July.  My family had it growing up, so it's old school, and the kids love it!  They play it a lot!





 We met the Monroes for lunch on Saturday at Babe's!


This is Abigail in a nightgown and robe my grandmother had made for me.  I love that I have these things for her.

 Abigail had a princess birthday party for her friend Audra at Sweet and Sassy on Sunday
 Getting her nails painted




Sunday night we had our annual back to school dinner at Cotton Patch