Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Second Day of School


The kids had another great day of school yesterday.  The bus riders went into the gym before class which will be the norm for the year and then they left by grade to go to their classes.  So Abigail walked with all the kindergartners and made it to class without her Bubby's help.  But she did ask him again this morning to tell her how to get to her class just in case.

 Aaron is in 2nd grade with Mr. Dewester.  He knows a couple of the kids in his class but I wouldn't say any of his friends are in there.  They don't have lunch or recess this week, because they go half days and the teachers do literary assessments in the afternoon.  They do have Specials (Music, Art, PE and Science).  They have a new music teacher this year and Aaron really likes her.  The old one is a piano player at our church and Aaron was sad to see her go, so I am glad he likes the new one.




 Abigail is in Kindergarten with Mrs. Morgan.  One of her good friends from church is in her class.  The kindergarteners do have recess this week and she has seen lots of her friends on the playground. 



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