Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More Red Ribbon Week

I love getting these updates.  Abigail is working so hard.

Today was bright colors day at Rockenbaugh.  This was brighter than it looks here.

 Aaron had Red Day.

 He loves his new sunglasses from Grandad and Mimi

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hats and Ice Cream

 Aaron earned ice cream this weekend so I took him to Baskin Robbins Sunday.  Abigail could have come, too, but she was still napping at 6pm.  That girl needs to give us her train schedule ahead of time. 
 Our kids just super duper love ice cream.



This week is Red Ribbon week at the schools and every day is something different.  And each school is different.  Today was hat day at Rockenbaugh.
 Abigail got this floppy garden hat at the Owl's Nest this summer.
 She was so excited to wear it.
 Bless it.
 I asked her TA one day how she handled Abigail every day.  She laughed and said, "the same way you do!"

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saturday, Part Two



After the museum we wanted to try a Southern Kitchen restaurant near there, but the wait was long so we walked around Dallas for a while.
We finally got seated and got an outside table!  The weather was beautiful. 



Jory got grits benedict with shrimp.  Nice!  He and I had a ton of left overs but the kids DEVOURED their meals.
 After naps we headed to the pumpkin patch for a Sunday School outing.
 We had never been to this one and it was CRAZY. 



Plus, it was insanely HOT.  (And Abigail chose her long sleeved dress.  I did not force that on her.  I offered some cooler ones.)


But we found a nice covered place for a picnic dinner and had a good time chatting with our friends. 
Then we went home for much needed showers and bed!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday, Part One

This picture is actually from last Saturday.  Aaron and Jory went to the TCU game.  They had great seats.  We had four tickets, but Abigail went down for a LONG nap and we decided not to wake her.  It worked out for the best and Aaron had a great time.

 This weekend we went to the Perot Museum on Saturday morning.  They have member only hours from 8:30 until 10 on Saturdays which is super nice.  This morning they were having a member breakfast event that we went to.
 Then the kids went to the children museum.  This is Abigail in the grocery store area.  She loves it. 
 Aaron loves the building area the most, but I didn't get pictures of that.  They both love the water area.  











 Driving a truck


Outside the museum there are several  learning play areas
We were all in Red and Blue today.  I never want my disdain for LSU to be misunderstood. 

The rest of Abigail's monthly interview

What makes you sad? Cats

What is your favorite food to eat? CEREAL!

What is your favorite song to sing? Elmo

What do you like to play? Chairs

This picture was taken when 7 of her friends were running around, playing and squealing and she was just in some crazy oblivious land because she had ice cream.  You have to see Abigail when she has ice cream.  It is special, indeed.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Phone Pictures

 Abigail slept in a dance outfit Friday night with an extra tutu underneath it.  On Saturday morning she added some Minnie goggles.  Of course she did.


On Sunday we rode bikes to the park



I'm not sure what she's doing here.

 The Star is ready for school



  A mid-week treat for a good week

Lunch with Aaron on Thursday
 Thursday afternoon we met several people at the park and went to CFA because Amanda Huffman is in town with her kids.  Since Abigail was still napping, Aaron went down with the Elliotts for a while.  He was anxiously awaiting their arrival.

I babysat Elizabeth Huffman's kids on Friday.

 Abigail finished out a strong week.