Friday, October 10, 2014

Field Trip

 Aaron had his first field trip as a Kindergartner today.  It was to a petting farm/pumpkin patch.  Siblings can't go on these - Abigail got a lot of free field trips last year!  And parents are actual chaperones with jobs.  We don't just tag along.
 My charges were Aaron and Reese.  Reese was SO good. 

Miles wanted in the picture
 Watching a pig race

 Milking a cow



 The farm is on a lake and there is a swimmer's beach with a playground and picnic tables for lunch.  We exhausted the petting farm pretty quickly (the entire visit was three hours) and the boys spent a lot of time playing at the playground.

 My boy loves, loves, loves the beach.  He really wanted to take his shoes off and get those feet wet. 
 The threw stones instead

So there was a duck.  Reese loved the ducks.  Aaron did not.  He never has. 

We all got pumpkins at the end

 I think this picture is funny when Mrs. Francis was trying to get a group picture.  One kid has his head in his hands!

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