Sunday, October 12, 2014


We've had such a big weekend!  On Saturday morning, we met my bosses wife in Southlake Town Square.  She is trying to launch a photography business and get some publicity with it so we had her update our family picture.  We've been asked for a family picture three times in three weeks and the most recent one I have is over a year old.  We don't even have a recent snapshot of the four of us!

 After that, we went to the Fire Station in Southlake Town Square for Jackson's 3rd Birthday Party. 


We got a really good tour!







 After naps we met Grandad and Mimi at a costume store to get Halloween costumes with the kids' cousins then we went to Grandad's house for a bit.  We had dinner at the Cotton Patch by their house. 


 Today after church we had our monthly SS lunch at the Blue Hangar Café.  It was so fun.  The kids got to watch planes while we were waiting for our food. 



We also got a Halloween package this weekend from Grandma Beth and Grandpa Mike that has the kids so very excited.  And the weather was cool which make Jory so very excited.  And the Rebels are still undefeated which makes me very excited.  We hope your weekend was just as good!

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Anonymous said...

Aaron and Abby look adorable.
Love, Dee & Papa