Sunday, March 31, 2013

Church Egg Hunt

Our church does an awesome Easter Egg Hunt every year.  It is at a huge park and there is a cookout before the the hunt.  It was Thursday night.  When we first got there, the kids has so much fun on the play ground.
Abby with Julie Elliott during the Resurrection Eggs
I swear that Jory was more excited than this to make it to the hunt!  He came straight from class and made it just in time.  It was so fun to watch.
The kids all lined up at the starting cones and when they heard, "Ready, Set, Go!" They took off!
Aaron really had it down.  He took off with that bucket and he was getting those eggs!  We were impressed.
Abby stopped and opened every egg she found.  I think she ended up with three.
Hot dog dinner before the hunt.


The hunt begins!

Look at that full bucket
Play ground time
Waiting to hunt (my pictures are out of order)

Jory said it was so nice when he was walking up to the crowd to be able to pick out so many of our friends (and I was really thankful for my friends who had spouses on hand before mine got there to help watch two kids in a big area).  We love our Church Family!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Random Pictures of Abby

We were supposed to go to an Easter Egg hunt on Monday, but it got cancelled because of the freeze (!), so we had a play date at Gateway's Indoor Play Area.  I thought it was funny that on the day we were supposed to be hunting for eggs Abby was wearing a turtleneck under her sundress, a winter coat, thick tights and a hood!
We made Abby have a major clothes trying session last weekend so we could se just how far we are from her fitting into a lot of the clothes we thought she'd be wearing now.
I got her Easter dress right after Easter last year.  I got a 2T because, you know, she would be two and that's what two year olds wear.  It looks huge.  I'm afraid to try it on her.  We are just going to roll with it.
Ummm...I did not do this.  Abby LOVES these shoes from Grandma Sheri.  She thinks they go with everything.  And the headband?  She did that.  She went to Walmart like this.  Yes, she did.
Daddy dressed his Little Aggie this day.  He even put the marroon bow in her hair!
Our Monday Play Date at Gateway.  We arrived at the same time as Katie Grace.
Abby loves her lotion!
At Gateway with Julie Elliott
At school Thursday.  Her teacher took this and sent it to me.  She had an Easter Egg Hunt at school so she has on her Bunny Dress.
This is back to Gateway with Drew Cate.  Random uploading of pictures.
At school on Thursday posing for the camera.

Aaron's Easter Party at School

The cookie decorating kit
Snack time

Hunting for eggs.  Each child had an egg carton so that all the kids would end up with 12 eggs.  Aaron was aware that they could only get 12 eggs each.  So each time he put an egg in the carton he would count it to be sure that he did not go over 12.  He miscounted, though, and thought he had twelve when he had eleven.  I told him he could get another - fill up the carton.  No, mom, we are only allowed to get 12.
Oh my word do I know where he gets that. 
One of the first ones done with the hunt
Waiting for the others.  Not opening his carton, because, you know, the teacher said to open it at home.
Class pictures.
One boy was missing, but they have 8 boys and 2 girls in his class.

Friday, March 29, 2013

To say it or to sign it

Abby added a new word yesterday, "egg"! This was an important word as she had two Easter Egg Hunts that day. She is up to 50 words.   
Her new ones are: 
Baseball (boo bah), Egg (eck), Stop (dop), What (ut), That (dat)

I get asked a lot about how many signs she has.  She has a lot. I am going to try to list them here, but I know I will forget some so I will add as I think of them.  She picks up signs very quickly.
Signs that she also has the verbal word for:  more, thank you, open, bye, book, up
Signs that she has no verbalization for:  sit down, Alaska, yogurt, all done, please, your welcome, shoes, hurt, help, sorry, on, milk, cereal, drink, eat, fruit, fish

Random Pictures of Aaron

I took a picture of Abby the other day before we left because I thought it was funny how bundled up she was (that picture is in a later post, I'm kind of backwards) and Aaron wanted his picture taken, too.
We met Katie Grace and Jackson (and a bunch of other kids) at Gateway for a play date Monday.

Aaron reading a book to Asa Vande Zande's son, Asa.  Melt my heart!

Aaron got a 'hurtie' and he wanted me to take a picture of the band aid and text it to his daddy.
I was in charge of the craft for Aaron's Easter Party at school.  So I wrote a check.  To Amy Hayes who did the cookies for both of our kids' birthday parties.  She gave me this adorable basket with a fresh baked cookie for each kid, tubes of icing and different types of decorations.  The kids LOVED it.

Aaron's Four Year Pictures