Friday, March 29, 2013

To say it or to sign it

Abby added a new word yesterday, "egg"! This was an important word as she had two Easter Egg Hunts that day. She is up to 50 words.   
Her new ones are: 
Baseball (boo bah), Egg (eck), Stop (dop), What (ut), That (dat)

I get asked a lot about how many signs she has.  She has a lot. I am going to try to list them here, but I know I will forget some so I will add as I think of them.  She picks up signs very quickly.
Signs that she also has the verbal word for:  more, thank you, open, bye, book, up
Signs that she has no verbalization for:  sit down, Alaska, yogurt, all done, please, your welcome, shoes, hurt, help, sorry, on, milk, cereal, drink, eat, fruit, fish

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