Friday, March 8, 2013

Aaron's Presents

Aaron got the absolute coolest presents at his birthday.  It touched my heart that everyone got him something that really fit him.  He loves all of his gifts.

Erin Vande Zande got this train book (which, amazingly, we did not have).  This is the book that Aaron stopped mid-gift opening to read.  And how cool is the remote control monster truck from  Jacob and Abby Golz
So, we haven't busted open the electric train track with trains, but I know it is going to be a major weekend highlight.  Aaron is SOOO excited about this gift from Kendall and Leah. Papa and Dee got him this search and find Thomas book.

This is after we got home from the party. Abby and Jacob got Aaron this Thomas the Train book that has a huge track playmat and a bunch of little trains.  He has been playing with this thing for two days!


I LOVE the outfits Aaron got.  LOVE.  Grandma Sheri got him this.  These are his favorite kind of pants.

And I could die from the cuteness of this outfit from Leah and Kendall! I have a few polo shirts that will work with those shorts, too.
A winter outfit from Katie Grace and Jackson.

Thomas Underwear from Grandma Sheri and Grandpa Tom!

These are fun!  The gift on the left is a creative cutting pad from Anna, Caroline and Andrew.  Aaron LOVES to cut paper.  This is a perfect gift for him.  Zingo is apparently a very popular game amongst his friends.  I have not heard of it, but all the kids got so excited when he got it from Emerson and Christopher so I can't wait to try it. They also got him this Thomas Puzzle.  He has a similar one and loves it, so he is super excited about this.  Dee and Papa got him a fire fighter video.  My mom got him a Construction video for Christmas that he loves and this is from the same company.  It's real life people doing their jobs.

Here is a picture of the book and track from the Golz family.

Hand written notes and pictures from his friends.  Melt My Heart!
100 Cool Activities came from Grandpa Tom and Grandma Sheri today.  It looks so neat.  I can't wait to get into it with him.  The Giant Fire Truck floor puzzle is from Dee and Papa. Jackson and Katie Grace got him a Thomas Leapad App.  They know how he loves his Leapad.  And Ryleigh Grace got the portable Thomas Track with trains.

How sweet and precious is all of this???

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