Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sizing it up

Lately I have been in a perpetual state of closet frustration when it comes to the kids.  It seems like nothing fits right.  It's too short in this size, too baggy in that one.  I stand in front of full closets saying they have nothing to wear. I decided to look up some children sizing charts to see if I was shopping wrong.
I learned that my children are both in between two sizes. Aaron's weight puts him in 4T and his height puts him in 5T.  I know this because his 4T pants are all too short, but 5Ts are so baggy in the waist that they sag and become too long.
4T shirts are too short on his long torso and 5Ts are so baggy and I am continually double rolling his long sleeves.
My sweet Abigail is even worse.  Her weight puts her smack in the middle of 18-24 month, but her height is on the highest end of 2T.  Here's how this looks: I gave away all of her 24 month jeans because they were too short.  I tried her 2T jeans on her cinched on the tightest notch and could pull them right over her hips without unbuttoning or unzipping then.

When it comes to dresses, 24 months are too short.  When you find a dress that seems long enough (today's dress styles are pretty long for little girls) it's too big all over. She can swim in dresses that work lengthwise and sleeveless dresses slip right off of her shoulders  - she literally walks out of them!
I am happy for my children that they are tall and skinny.  But I foresee years of shopping frustrations with these string beans!

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You need to start sewing!!