Friday, March 8, 2013

More of Aaron's Party

These are going to be a bit out of order, but here is Aaron arriving at his party at McDonald's.  He wore a Thomas the Train shirt that Grandma Sheri and Grandpa Tom gave him for Easter last year.

This is Aaron being sung to

And wanting so bad to take those trains off of his cake.  It just killed him to wait until we actually cut the cake to get his trains.

I took so many pictures of the kids eating because it just blew my mind.  The kids (all 14 of them) played hard in the play area for about 30-45 minutes and then when the food arrived they all just went orderly to the table and ate in perfect silence.  14 children quieted by food was amazing.
The cake before we cut it.
More being sung to.
When we gave Aaron his plate, the hostess started to hand him a fork and he said "I don't need a fork".  She started to ask if he wanted a spoon but by then Aaron was demonstrating how one actually goes about eating cake.
First bite was all icing.  There was about two inches of icing on that cake and we had no idea until we cut into it.  WOW.
More quiet kids eating.
The beginning of the present opening.  The picture taking pretty much ended at this point because the present opening got out of control.  Everyone was very, very excited about Aaron's very, very cool presents and there we presents and kids going nuts in a very small space.


Aaron taking a pause from present opening to read his new book from the Vande Zandes.

FINALLY, he got the trains off of the cake.

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