Sunday, March 31, 2013

Church Egg Hunt

Our church does an awesome Easter Egg Hunt every year.  It is at a huge park and there is a cookout before the the hunt.  It was Thursday night.  When we first got there, the kids has so much fun on the play ground.
Abby with Julie Elliott during the Resurrection Eggs
I swear that Jory was more excited than this to make it to the hunt!  He came straight from class and made it just in time.  It was so fun to watch.
The kids all lined up at the starting cones and when they heard, "Ready, Set, Go!" They took off!
Aaron really had it down.  He took off with that bucket and he was getting those eggs!  We were impressed.
Abby stopped and opened every egg she found.  I think she ended up with three.
Hot dog dinner before the hunt.


The hunt begins!

Look at that full bucket
Play ground time
Waiting to hunt (my pictures are out of order)

Jory said it was so nice when he was walking up to the crowd to be able to pick out so many of our friends (and I was really thankful for my friends who had spouses on hand before mine got there to help watch two kids in a big area).  We love our Church Family!

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Beth said...

You are indeed blessed with a wonderful church family.
I love the expression on Aaron's face when he has the bucket full of eggs.