Saturday, August 30, 2014

I love this little girl

I find her digging in the mud in her church clothes, but she loves dolls, tea sets, frilly socks and she definitely wants to be a Princess when she grows up!  Her Daddy tells her she already is one.



Friday, August 29, 2014

Love these pictures

 Aaron showing Abigail how to take the paper off of her ice cream cone.
 Happy girl.  So this was a total bribe.  Abigail's preschool assessment was moved to today at 11:30.  After the entire first week of school and getting into rest time, I knew she was going to be an absolute mess.  There was no way they weren't going to have to call the assessment because she was rolling around on the floor.  I told her if she could somehow find it within herself to sit still and be tested for 30 minutes she could have an ice cream cone.  So, future reference, if you REALLY need Abigail to do something...
 Of course, Aaron benefitted, too.  He chose chocolate, because he always does.  Abigail got Cherries Jubilee because it was pink AND purple. 
 This was a really fun end of the first week treat.
 Of course now they are completely sacked out and they may sleep until Tuesday.
Aaron has been wearing a sticker each day with his bus number on it.  He came home and told me that next week, "no stickers.  you just have to know where to go."  He seems pretty confident with the procedures at school so far.  They start full days and cafeteria lunches next week.  Even though the format is the same from Preschool to Kindergarten, it is amazing to me how much more responsibility the Kindergartners have for themselves.  He's loving it.  Rules, procedures, instructions...all good for this one. 


We made it!
 The kids wore green for Dragon Spirit Day.  The first game is tonight and it's a BIG one!
 Once registration for bus riders was closed, we received a pick up and drop off time based on the number of registered riders.  This week, a lot of people have taken their kids to school, so the bus has picked up at 7:20 instead of 7:23.  This morning, it was raining (A LITTLE BIT) and I had the sudden realization at 7:17 that no one was going to let their kids stand at the bus stop in the (little tiny bit of) rain (because it never rains here and people totally freak out).  I said, "Aaron, you have to go outside NOW."  As soon as he stepped outside the bus came around the corner.  The other poor kid that rides at our corner almost missed it. 


We've had a fantastic week. The kids are loving school.  They are still waking up ridiculously early and they are still running into school with abandon. 


They got the CUTEST back to school card from Grandma Sheri (and Grandpa Tom, but I don't think he helped make it). 


It was HAPPY Mail!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day Four

 So I don't have a ton to report from Day Four except that the kids looked amazing. 

And the Aggies had a very big win with a graduate of our high school at the helm.


Could you die about Abby's shoes?
 Ms. Fair said three teachers came to her room today to see 'The Dress'!  LOVE.  Kim and John gave her this for Christmas. 
 And this is a handsome Aggie.

They didn't tell me much today, but they both took big naps.  I can't believe tomorrow is Friday.  This has been WILD. 

Abigail has her assessment tomorrow which I expect to be a disaster after a week of school, but we'll see. 
 And then we have a long weekend with this loveys. 

Can not wait!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I completely forgot

 The first day, there was no one in Abigail's car line because everyone walked their kids in.  (I had a lot of really good reasons for not doing that.)  The second day, the car line was an absolute nightmare of people who have never been in a carline before.  It was not a safe place to be.  Abigail was ready to get out and go, but we had to hold tight.  For a long time.  Today was better, so AS SOON AS the school doors opened, Abigail hopped out of the car, yelled, "Bye mom!  Have a good day!!" and ran like the wind to class without looking back.  Then Jory and I talked for a while about the differences between our children. 

Day Three

 The kids are having a great first week of school.  It's still nuts because I have about an hour and a half after I drop off Abigail before I have to leave to pick her up, but it's a good transition week.
 The kids are mostly learning the rules this week.

Aaron had recess for the first time today.
 They still woke up super early and we SO ready to go.  Aaron was very excited about the bus and wanted to do pictures out front today so that he would be closer to the bus stop.

 To be fair, the bus has come three minutes early both days.  I think that once we get past the first week and everyone is riding that they will be on time. 


They dropped him off four minutes early.  I'm glad we went out early.  They won't release a Kindergartner if an adult isn't there. 

So excited to wait for the bus
 They have both had good reports all week and are really doing so well.
 We are loving the first week of school!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just some stuff

 This is just a crazy time.  Watching Aaron head to Kindergarten.  We prayed a lot over him and with him the last five years, but a whole lot in the last month.  We've talked about being a Light, showing people Jesus, giving everyone a smile.  We've talked about being nice to EVERYONE, no matter how they treat you.  I know my baby has a fantastic heart and I love to listen to him pray and read the Bible and act it out.  I love watching him in action and I can't wait to watch him grow. 
Aaron loves to learn and he loves to teach.  He loves to figure things out and make things work.  He loves to fix things.  But he really, really loves to read.  He is so excited about school.  He truly can't wait to go every day.  Forever.  Sad face and happy face for Mama, all at the same time. 

The rest of Day Two

 This was Abigail waiting for Aaron at the bus stop after school. 
 And Aaron walking home from the bus.  We live right at the bus stop, so it's SO nice.  There are kids in our neighborhood that have to walk a ways for their stop, but we just walk out the front door.
 He is wearing a bus rider sticker that he told me to put in his scrap book.

Love that.

 More waiting pictures
 Here comes the bus!!!

Day Two



We still had zero interest in pictures.  The kids were up around 6 ready to go.  Aaron was riding the bus today and I think he would have waited at the stop at 6am if we would have let him. 
 He bounded right up on the bus.  One of his friends from preschool was on there and he sat with him.  The kindergartners sit right behind the bus driver. There is only one more stop after our house before school.


 He said he got off the bus and went to class.  Easy as that.  And it wasn't scary at all.
 Carpool line was something special at Abigail's school today, and she was ready to get on with it. 

They both had a fantastic day.  Aaron went to PE and said he learned all the rules.
 Abigail got to play outside.

We met Aaron at the bus stop after school.  He got right off.  There was only one stop before our house so he gets home quicker than if we did the carpool line.



 This is such a crazy week with early dismissals, but the kids are having a great time.  We are LOVING having Abigail at Aaron's preschool.  His teacher from last year sent me the picture above.  She took it today of Abigail on the playground.  Abigail is Right at Home there.  She spent a lot of time up there eating lunch with Aaron last year and everyone knows her. 

 Scenes from the morning.














Monday, August 25, 2014

The rest of the first day of school

 Today was a crazy day.  The kids get out early all week and the preschool gets out super early, so it's like I barely drop off before I pick up. 
 And I had to pick Aaron up today (normally he will ride the bus, but he had an assessment he had to go to) and there wasn't time in between to do much, so we were just in the pick up line really early and just WAITED.
 Then we gulped down lunch and WAITED while Aaron was in his assessment. 

Abigail did A LOT of puzzles
 And then we had to take a meal to someone and get home to try to rest and then, I swear, it was dinner time!
WHEW.  Tomorrow is Aaron's first day riding the bus.  Jory will be out at the stop with him.