Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer of Fun, Days 59 and 60

 This picture is actually from Saturday night (continuation of Summer of Fun, Day 58) at the Elliott's.  I just think it's so cute.

I actually didn't take any pictures Sunday, but it was a SUPER fun day because Daddy came home!  Seriously, we almost die when he's gone.  I bow at the feet of military wives. 


Today we went to the Botanic Gardens in FW.  They are free and huge - over 100 acres.  There was no one there so we could park close to the gardens.

 My kids seriously just searched out every singe body of water in that place.  Plants, schmants!  They wanted to see FISH.  (And they did.  And a turtle which won the prize of the coolest thing all day.)

 Oh, look.  More water.


Here's some.
 Aaron is addicted to maps.  And instructions.  But he loves maps and he constantly stopped to check the map today. 


Oh look, more water.


We did climb a really big staircase


Wind chimes in the gift shop

 Oh, look.  More water.  They could not tell you a single plant they saw if you paid them.  I'm all "look at the rose garden, the herb garden, do you see this???" And they're all, "there's some WATER!!!!"

Abigail did not know why this girl turned into a statue.  It was very sad.



Afterwards we met Daddy for lunch and, I swear to you, told him all about the fish and turtle we saw AT THE BOTANIC GARDEN.  Whatever.

It was fun!

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