Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer of Fun, Day 68

 We are on the downward slide towards school.  I was watching Aaron today, pouring dressing for his sister, tongue out above his lip in concentration pouring just the right amount.  He's growing every day.  The little boy, not a baby.  He loves all sea life.  This week is Shark Week at the Grapevine Aquarium and since we have annual passes we could have a behind the scenes tour.  It was really interesting. 
 Aaron asked so many questions.  I love watching him learn.  He takes everything in and then usually repeats it verbatim to anyone who will listen. 
 Watching his mind and personality develop is a daily adventure. 
 This was a really fun Day of Fun and it was a special day for Aaron
 We have a really fun week planned!





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