Friday, August 15, 2014

Perot Museum

 As the summer winds down, I have the kids' school supplies ready to go.  Aaron's fits into one Target bag.  I got them in less than 15 minutes at Walmart.  Abigail's are in a bin, two boxes and two bags.  I got them at four stores.  I was at least completely expecting it since she is going to the preschool Aaron went to last year (when I was completely overwhelmed by the school supply list).  I will also say that I can buy the supplies for about a fourth of what the school supply fee is at most preschools.
 This is Aaron's lego jeep, trailer and jet skis.  It's almost 300 pieces that he put together.
 Last night we went to the sno cone stand by our house.  We really haven't gone this summer and I felt like it was definitely a Summer of Fun activity.  Aaron did a great job of ordering and paying.  He's been working on that this summer. 

Today we went to the Perot Museum in Dallas.  I have debated about going since it opened, but it was on the 10 Best Things to do with Kids in DFW List and since the Aquarium from that list was so great I bit the bullet.
 We were going to be early so we stopped at Starbucks on the way. 
 The outside of the museum is really cool.  Lots of play areas, exhibits, water exhibits and picnic areas.  All the kids loved splashing in the water, but we waited until the end for that!




This is a music park outside.  There are a lot of music things at this museum. 




We spent most of the time in the Children's Museum and we still didn't do all of the things in there. 

The kids loved this water exhibit with boats.
 They had splash smocks.


 There is a Dinosaur Exhibit in the Museum now until the end of August.  We left the Children's Museum for a bit to check that out and the kids dug for fossils.


 Aaron was very serious

 Back to the Children's Museum.  The outside of it has a huge sand pit with 'bones' in it.  Aaron was digging for those and building sand castles, too. 






There was a very cool builder's exhibit in the Children's Museum that Aaron could not get enough of.


And then we went grocery shopping


 I thought I would never get the kids out of there and we didn't even touch the regular museum.  So we bought memberships and can go back whenever we want!

 We stopped for pizza on the way home.
 And now the kids are sacked out!  They played hard today!!

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Beth said...

They can show this remarkable place next time I visit! Sounds and looks wonderful!