Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer of Fun, Days 73 and 74

The last two days weren't Really Summer of Fun Days, but we tried.  Yesterday we had church and Jory and I had dinner in Dallas for Restaurant Week, so Miss Kristen came to babysit right after naps.  So we really didn't do a Summer of Fun thing yesterday, but the kids do enjoy Miss Kristen.  And Jory and I had a wonderful time watching the city of Dallas from the revolving view of Reunion Tower!
Today the kids saw Miss Kristen again!  They went to the Elliott's and Miss Kristen kept them with Jackson and Katie Grace all morning while Julie and I made freezer meals at my house.  With school starting we thought this was a good time to make thirty crock pot meals and freeze them.
In the afternoon I made up for it by taking them to a great park they've never been to.  It was impossible to get pictures but the kids had a blast!
Tomorrow will be a bit of the same as I have to be at church all morning and the kids will be in the church childcare (though they will get pizza!), but in the afternoon we'll try to do something fun!

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