Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day Two



We still had zero interest in pictures.  The kids were up around 6 ready to go.  Aaron was riding the bus today and I think he would have waited at the stop at 6am if we would have let him. 
 He bounded right up on the bus.  One of his friends from preschool was on there and he sat with him.  The kindergartners sit right behind the bus driver. There is only one more stop after our house before school.


 He said he got off the bus and went to class.  Easy as that.  And it wasn't scary at all.
 Carpool line was something special at Abigail's school today, and she was ready to get on with it. 

They both had a fantastic day.  Aaron went to PE and said he learned all the rules.
 Abigail got to play outside.

We met Aaron at the bus stop after school.  He got right off.  There was only one stop before our house so he gets home quicker than if we did the carpool line.



 This is such a crazy week with early dismissals, but the kids are having a great time.  We are LOVING having Abigail at Aaron's preschool.  His teacher from last year sent me the picture above.  She took it today of Abigail on the playground.  Abigail is Right at Home there.  She spent a lot of time up there eating lunch with Aaron last year and everyone knows her. 

 Scenes from the morning.














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