Monday, August 25, 2014

The rest of the first day of school

 Today was a crazy day.  The kids get out early all week and the preschool gets out super early, so it's like I barely drop off before I pick up. 
 And I had to pick Aaron up today (normally he will ride the bus, but he had an assessment he had to go to) and there wasn't time in between to do much, so we were just in the pick up line really early and just WAITED.
 Then we gulped down lunch and WAITED while Aaron was in his assessment. 

Abigail did A LOT of puzzles
 And then we had to take a meal to someone and get home to try to rest and then, I swear, it was dinner time!
WHEW.  Tomorrow is Aaron's first day riding the bus.  Jory will be out at the stop with him.

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