Monday, August 11, 2014

The Weekend

 We had such a sweet weekend!  On Friday night, Aaron and Jory worked on Lego sets for a few hours after Jory got home.  Abigail and I read every book in the house.  I am SO glad that my kids both love books.  I walked in on her later in the weekend reading to herself.  They both love to be read to and to read.  They just LOVE books!
 Friday Night we went down to the park to watch the Fireworks.  They are let off over Grapevine Lake every Friday in the summer.  You could see them perfectly from our house if it was in the winter, but the trees mess us up in the summer.  But you can see them from the park in our neighborhood.  It's only a block, but we drove and were going to stay in the car, but Aaron took a blanket and wanted to get out so we did that.  Abigail wasn't super interested in the fireworks, though.  Aaron was so into it.  I think next time we'll let Abigail sleep and one of us will just take Aaron!

 On Saturday morning Abigail went to gymnastics and Jory and Aaron worked on stuff at the house.

 In the afternoon we went to Dallas to try a BBQ place we have heard SO much about. 


 It was really fun
 Sunday before church

This is Jory's favorite dress.  I think it's about to be too short even though it's big on her in the body.  I'm trying to put it on her a lot.



After church I had a baby shower and I came home to the kids playing HARD outside.  Aaron was playing a game from Dinosaur Train and helping Jory with a bunch of outside stuff.
 We had a sweet end to a sweet weekend. 

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