Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ann's House

 So, my kids' very favorite day every summer is the day we go to Miss Ann's house.  Please bear in mind that these are kids who go to the beach and on cruises and to aquariums.  Whatever.  Miss Ann has chickens.  And bunnies (except she didn't this time and we just glossed over that fact).  And cats and mules (the kind you ride, not the animals) and a trampoline.  And three very awesome big kids.  It's just loads of fun for my babies.  And for me, because I say, "go outside with Rachel and Lawrence" and then I sit inside with Ann.  Today we watched the first two episodes of Jen Hatmaker's show which she recorded for me and DID NOT WATCH without me.  Because she's awesome and she has cable, so she's way more normal than I am. 
 Abigail wanted to eat, because she always does and Rachel waited on her.  And it was super cute when Abigail had to ask someone to please help her get down.  It was also super cute to watch my kids eying that box of Lucky Charms and stealing glances at me.  Like they instinctively knew that something with colored marshmallows would taste good and would be so far out of bounds. 
 Rocking on the porch.

Aaron loves a trampoline.  This one has no net which would send my husband into convulsions.  Thankfully he wasn't there and I didn't have to call him from a hospital, which would be a huge bummer all the way around. 
 Abigail likes the slide better

 Aaron having a blast

 Look at Rachel holding Aaron and jumping!
We had such a good time, then we went shopping and ate lunch and it was so nice to have extra hands and then headed home. 

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