Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day Three

 The kids are having a great first week of school.  It's still nuts because I have about an hour and a half after I drop off Abigail before I have to leave to pick her up, but it's a good transition week.
 The kids are mostly learning the rules this week.

Aaron had recess for the first time today.
 They still woke up super early and we SO ready to go.  Aaron was very excited about the bus and wanted to do pictures out front today so that he would be closer to the bus stop.

 To be fair, the bus has come three minutes early both days.  I think that once we get past the first week and everyone is riding that they will be on time. 


They dropped him off four minutes early.  I'm glad we went out early.  They won't release a Kindergartner if an adult isn't there. 

So excited to wait for the bus
 They have both had good reports all week and are really doing so well.
 We are loving the first week of school!

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