Monday, August 25, 2014

Really Bad First Day of School Pictures

 There was zero interest in pictures this morning.  Everyone just wanted to get to school.  NOW. 
 It did not matter that school would not be open.

The kids were up before 6:30 ready to go to school.  Aaron was singing 'School Day!' as he was getting out of bed.

Jory took Aaron to school today and he did the drop off line.  Aaron bounded out of the car and went right in without looking back.  He had a great first day and we have heard all about it. 
 Abigail also did the drop off line.  I took her and she also was SO ready to go to school.
 She had a great first day, but she was really tired.
 All we know about her day is that Ms. Fair read Tickle Monster and put the Tickle Monster on her hand and tickled everyone in the class.
 That was the greatest thing ever.
 And I have absolutely not one single good picture of Aaron's first day of Kindergarten and Abigail's first day of preschool.

They were seriously all "when are we going to leave?"
 Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.

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