Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer of Fun, Day 78


Does Today count?  We had Meet the Teacher at two different schools.  And tons of paperwork and on and on, but...yesterday we bought Daddy a game shirt at the Spirit Shop at Abigail's school.  Which was Aaron's school last year and he was All Over being there!


This is how we started the day!

 Aaron's Meet the Teacher was first.  We didn't know anything about her. 






 But she was so nice and her class room was great.  She's been at Johnson a long time.






 And then was Abigail's which was awesome because we love her teacher and it was just like coming home!

Abigail was so relaxed and Aaron had a great time roaming his old halls.

Ms. Fair!  I squealed when she called to tell me she had Abigail!

Didn't she look pretty?  Even with those backwards shoes?  We are so proud of her getting ready by herself!

It was a WHIRLWIND and then I had to do payroll super quick and then we loaded up and met John and Kim for lunch in Fort Worth which was super fun, but crazy because it was Chick Fil A, but Aaron chose it.  And then we came back for naps that do not seem to be happening and then I have to take 32 chicken legs to the Elliotts where Julie may or may not dump ice water on me and's the last weekend before school starts!

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