Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer of Fun, Days 63 and 64

 I am lamenting that Summer is almost over and my kids are about to go to school FOREVER and I just want to keep them home and hold them every minute of the next two weeks.  And I would also like to say that I have always envisioned Summer as a 3 month endeavor, which is so not the case.  I think it's going to end up being about 75 days and that includes the crazy last days of Meet the Teacher and such. 
 But yesterday the kids had the second of their two days of gymnastics camp and they loved it but I missed them and, again, I'm just so sad that fall is really here.
 In the afternoon we went to Toys R Us to spend Aaron's prize for earning 100 marbles at home for good choices and helpful moments.  He had planned to get a Planes:  Fire and Rescue toy, but nothing really 'lit his fire'.  He has all of the characters from my mom and I have to say he plays with them constantly.  Probably more than anything he's ever owned.  So I guess he didn't feel like he needed anything else there.
 In the end he chose a Lego set.  It was a boat one so he could take it in the pool.  It was a small version of the $185 boat set he wanted.  It cost $21.  It's for ages 5-12, has 300 pieces and he put it together in about an hour.  Sigh.  Christmas will be something.  Luckily he loves to take the sets apart and put them back together over and over again. 

Today we went to Horton Hears a Who at the theatre.  It was cute and the kids had a great time.  We also got all of their school supply shopping done.  It is Tax Free Weekend and I have never set foot in a store during this time, but I thought it might be easier with all the supplies grouped together.  There was really no one in the stores.  I think everyone was afraid.  We got everything done pretty quickly. 
We are going to meet Charity in Terrell soon to do clothes and shoes shopping and then it's time.  Sigh. 

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