Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer of Fun, Day 77

There is a little airplane museum near our house.

We went last year when they were having a Lego exhibit in the back.  The kids really just focused on the Legos then, though we looked around the museum a bit.

 Yesterday we went back when they had a Lego Castle Exhibit.  It wasn't nearly as neat as the Lego Exhibit last year, but it didn't matter, because Aaron is so into airplanes that he LOVED the museum.  (Above they are pretending to look at airplanes).  And Aaron, of course, took a plane (Dusty) with him.
 I thought Abigail looked precious in this dress that used to be Abby Golz's.

 Abigail wanted to look at the Lego stuff and Aaron indulged her some, but the museum was empty early so they were able to separate and do their own things.


There is a flight movie in the museum and it is shown in a terminal.  They make a boarding call and you walk down like you are getting on a plane.  You sit in real airplane seats and fasten your seat belt and the flight attendant talks over the speaker before the movie.



 Aaron loved the airport


 We spent a lot of time on this old plane


 We colored airplanes using bronze plates.


Aaron built an airport with legos


 Abigail built a castle




It was super fun

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