Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day Four

 So I don't have a ton to report from Day Four except that the kids looked amazing. 

And the Aggies had a very big win with a graduate of our high school at the helm.


Could you die about Abby's shoes?
 Ms. Fair said three teachers came to her room today to see 'The Dress'!  LOVE.  Kim and John gave her this for Christmas. 
 And this is a handsome Aggie.

They didn't tell me much today, but they both took big naps.  I can't believe tomorrow is Friday.  This has been WILD. 

Abigail has her assessment tomorrow which I expect to be a disaster after a week of school, but we'll see. 
 And then we have a long weekend with this loveys. 

Can not wait!

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