Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer of Fun, Day 72



 Abigail went to Audra's 3rd birthday party this morning.  It was a Frozen party.  She was excited all week to wear her Elsa dress.

While we were gone, Jory and Aaron picket up our basket, went to Starbucks and spent the morning at REI in Dallas where Aaron climbed the rock wall!
 The Frozen Party was SO cute.  Frozen hearts, snowman arms...

Pin the Nose on Olaf


An ice cream cake, of course!



The kids had a great time playing outside after the treats,  there was the cutest play house!

 After naps we went to the Dallas Farmers Market. 

It is very famous and free and we have never gone. 

It was phenomenal!
 I wanted to move in there.  And the kids loved all the free produce treats!

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