Friday, August 29, 2014

Love these pictures

 Aaron showing Abigail how to take the paper off of her ice cream cone.
 Happy girl.  So this was a total bribe.  Abigail's preschool assessment was moved to today at 11:30.  After the entire first week of school and getting into rest time, I knew she was going to be an absolute mess.  There was no way they weren't going to have to call the assessment because she was rolling around on the floor.  I told her if she could somehow find it within herself to sit still and be tested for 30 minutes she could have an ice cream cone.  So, future reference, if you REALLY need Abigail to do something...
 Of course, Aaron benefitted, too.  He chose chocolate, because he always does.  Abigail got Cherries Jubilee because it was pink AND purple. 
 This was a really fun end of the first week treat.
 Of course now they are completely sacked out and they may sleep until Tuesday.
Aaron has been wearing a sticker each day with his bus number on it.  He came home and told me that next week, "no stickers.  you just have to know where to go."  He seems pretty confident with the procedures at school so far.  They start full days and cafeteria lunches next week.  Even though the format is the same from Preschool to Kindergarten, it is amazing to me how much more responsibility the Kindergartners have for themselves.  He's loving it.  Rules, procedures, instructions...all good for this one. 

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