Monday, August 11, 2014

Dallas World Aquarium

We've never gone to the Aquarium in Dallas for several decent reasons, but I was trying to plan our last days of Summer and Jory had suggested it and then I found that it was listed as one of the Top Ten Things to do with Kids in Dallas/Fort Worth.   In fact, it was #2.

 So we donned our fish clothes, loaded up the car and headed into Summer of Fun, Day 67
 A stork

I have to say that this is the coolest place I have been to in my life.  You would have no idea you were inside.  And most of the animals are not caged.  Birds are just right there in trees right beside you.  Crocodiles within reach, etc.
 It's nothing like any aquarium I've been to (and we've been to several) and it has so much more than sea life.







But there was a lot of sea life:  otters, sharks, whales, manatees, crocodiles, penguins, fish of every species...



But also every kind of bird you can imagine, sloths, tons of different kinds of monkeys, a jaguar, a turkey...


There are several different restaurants within the aquarium.  We went to each one and Aaron chose this one with a view of fish from all around the world.

It was an international menu and it was really good!
I am super glad we did this!

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