Friday, September 30, 2016

The Week's End


 Yesterday before school
 This was at Costco yesterday and I was SOOOOO excited.  I don't care at all that it's September.

 The Dragon Pink Out Game supporting Susan G Komen was tonight.  I don't know why Jory's not wearing pink.
 Abigail wore her Pink Out shirt to school today.  She doesn't go to the games yet. 

Aaron before school today
 I met my friend Laura for lunch today.  These shoes were Aaron's and I had given them to her for her boys.  They came back to me today and I could just squeal over the cuteness!


Before tonight's game

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This Week



 Before school yesterday
On the way to lunch

 Lunch with this girl!  SO much joy hearing about her morning. 


 All ready for gymnastics!


 Upside down at gymnastics


 Ready to flip



Today before school

 Took a tumble!
 Silly faces at the bus stop


Monday, September 26, 2016


This was the first weekend of Fall, though it sure didn't feel like it (98% humidity yesterday), but today sure does.  For a few days at least and then we can have our Summer temps back for a bit...


 On Thursday Drew and Camden were here after school and it was HOT.  I was trying to keep those crazy athletes hydrated!  Abigail read to Camden.

Friday before school

As soon as the kids hit the bus Friday we hit the road with the Cottons for a weekend trip to my favorite place, Gruene.  It was a fantastic weekend even if we could have wished for cooler temps in late September. 


Pie at Blue Bonnet Café in Marble Falls
 I can't find any more pictures from Friday, but we drove to Driftwood and ate lunch at Saltlick.  YAY.  We took a nice long drive to Gruene and we checked into our favorite bed and breakfast.  We had cabins next to each other with an adjoining balcony.  John Curtis came to visit and we all ate dinner together at Gruene Door it was so good!

On Saturday the kids walked in Dallas' JDRF Walk with their old preschool.  Here is a picture with the Golzes. 


 And a deer at our cabin.
 We had breakfast and spent the day walking around Gruene, shopping and sitting on our patios.



The coffee shop in Gruene is a fave
 Fudge from the General Store



Lunch at the Gristmill

 The kids on their walk.  Apparently Abigail's legs gave out :)  Aaron had a blast!

 We had diner at a fantastic restaurant and then listened to live music outside of our Bed and Breakfast.  We headed home Sunday after Breakfast and went through Austin for lunch at my favorite spot on the lake and a spot at West for kolaches!

Abigail was busy playing school Sunday morning!
Ready for school today!

Fudge and coffee brought back from Gruene
 Lunch with this boy.  Absolutely perfect.  I love this time with him.  He told me all about his morning.  He got his first grammar test back and got a perfect score and he started reading a new book.