Friday, January 31, 2014

Aaron's Birthday Pictures

I can't believe we just had this boy's FIVE YEAR OLD pictures made! We did it the same time we did Abby's birthday pictures.  Aaron helped set up the tea party for Abby's pictures and Kristi caught this cute picture.
Aaron took his firefighter gear to the pictures so that we could get some pictures for his Fire Truck Birthday Party.









Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just some stuff

Aaron acting silly for the camera

Aaron drew this picture of himself swimming with dolphins and he wrote at the bottom, "I am swimming with the dolphin"
 Riding our bikes Sunday because it is always 75 degrees the day before a horrible cold front moves in.  And goodness, this one lasted.  Funny thing, it's breaking tomorrow for another 75 degree day after a week of freezing, BUT what does that mean???  Saturday it is freezing and Sunday it is snowing.  Which is why Dallas is banned from hosting the Super Bowl.
Before church.  You see Minnie, right?

 More Sunday weather pictures




Aaron's school work.  (The first one is a heart).

 Katie Grace on Monday in Aaron's wagon
 Abby during Aaron's swim class on Monday.  The kids are on two different days now.  They are both in much harder classes than their last ones.  They look a bit confused, but the teachers assure me they will be rock stars by the end.

I don't know.  But I love this outfit.  It has ballet shoes on it.

 Hey there!
 She wanted me to take a picture of Minnie.  She straps Minnie in a car seat beside her when we go anywhere in order to keep her safe.  She only lets her go when I drop her at school and church (it's more like surgical removal, but we'll take it).
 Valentine's Day two years ago


I'm having the bottom layer of this cake done for Abby's birthday.  I've been busy gathering Minnie items here and there.  I think it will be cute. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

This Girl

Every week after dance Abby sits on this bench and asks me to take her picture.
Stickers on her mouth because she thinks it's funny
About to go out (seriously.) in a ballet shirt, Minnie PJ pants, a tutu, Minnie slippers, a big bow, and her ever present Minnie Mouse doll.
We added a non-matching sweater to it before we headed out in public.  And she was making mustaches. 
Oh My Goodness.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

PJ Party

We had a Preschool PJ Party with the Pastor last night. Abby was so excited to dress herself.  She chose her Hello Kitty PJs, a tutu (because she wears a tutu to bed every night.  seriously.), Minnie Mouse slippers and  a big pink bow.  Bless her. 
The party was at Paradise Pond where she was able to find some Princess High Heels to complete the ensemble.
Aaron chose his Dusty PJs even though I really felt that we had cuter, weather appropriate PJ Party options.  At some point, clearly, I gave up on both the kids and they all got lots of compliments.  Curiously, everyone assumed they had dressed themselves.  Aaron spent the evening running around with a sword.  seriously.
 Cookies and milk.  Abby was later found sitting by herself finishing her cookie while the rest of the kids were long gone.  Bless her.  She likes to savor her food.
 Story time!  The Pastor read the kids a book and Aaron Could NOT wait for this part.  He loves his books!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dad's Day

 Jory got some pictures on his phone at Abby's Dad's Day at her school on Saturday. 

This is Abby painting a horse.  That's what you thought it was, right?


Learning to dance


It's such a fun day they put on!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The kids had their last day of swim for this semester yesterday.

 Next week Abby will be promoted to a different type of class.  It's actually for three year olds (which she almost is).  She will have the same teacher she has had for a long time.  We love him. 
 Aaron will be in the same class type but with a different teacher.  For the first time they will be on different days.  Abby will go while Aaron is at school, but Aaron will continue on Monday nights which means that Abby will be watching him swim and not actually getting to swim.  I am sure she won't like this.  Abby LOVES to swim.

The kids did SO well this semester.  We definitely saw so much improvement in the last few months.  It's funny to think about where they were in September compared to now!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Abby in Black and White







Pictures with Minnie

So, technically, Julie chose the Minnie Mouse theme for Abby's upcoming birthday party.  Abby had a different idea every time I asked her, which had been daily for months.  This wasn't what I expected since Aaron planned his entire third birthday party to the last detail and had the theme a year in advance. 

So as we were getting into January and I still didn't have a theme and we were about to go on the Disney Cruise, Julie chose Minnie Mouse for me.  And I thought I would get a great picture of Abby with Minnie on the Cruise and use it for her invitations and her cake and then...

 Abby got this actual Minnie from Grandma on the cruise and it is probably the first thing in her life that she has really latched onto.  So I decided to have her birthday pictures made with it.  On a whim, at the last minute, I grabbed this Minnie Mouse tea set that Uncle Eric got Abby for Christmas.  I thought this turned out so cute that I changed her party to 'Tea with Minnie' and am using this on the invitation.

 But this right here.  Seriously.


Ummm, thanks Julie.  I think we have a perfect theme for this girl's party. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Some stuff

This picture was actually taken on New Year's Day.  The kids were asking me to take pictures of them.
I saved this tag from the cruise.  Abby had a tag when she was in the nursery.  After Grandma Sheri bought her the Minnie Doll that she has yet to put down she took it to nursery with her.  The workers gave Minnie her very own tag at Abby's request.  Love. 
Aaron had PJ day at school Friday.  They were collecting PJs for kids in need.  He wore his Thomas Pajamas, but he had this sweatshirt that John and Kim bought him over them in the morning. 
Abby got some new clothes from Katie Grace this week and she was so happy.  And here's Minnie.  Minnie goes everywhere. She started dropping Minnie getting out of the car the other day and she started yelling, "I'm losting Minnie!  I'm losting Minnie! I need Minnie!"
So, I got a label maker for my birthday from (my dad and) Sheri.  It is amazing to me that I survived 38 years without one.  Pitiful.  I labeled the kids photo albums and scrapbooks.  It made me crazy happy.

Abby had Dad's Day at school yesterday.  The theme was Wild West.  She and Jory both wore pearl snap shirts and boots.  They did some two stepping.  They both said it was fun.  Abby had been sooo excited about it. 
We went to the outlet mall after Dad's Day to get some things at Bed Bath and Beyond (another birthday gift).  The kids love to sit in the rides that are throughout the mall.

Aaron was so excited to take Jory into the Disney Store and show him all the Planes stuff and all the other stuff.

I really thought we were never leaving this store. 

We had a super fun day yesterday.  We ended up eating at the mall which we've never done.  The kids got Sbarro pizza which I ate at the mall growing up.  They each ate a whole huge slice.