Monday, January 20, 2014

Pictures with Minnie

So, technically, Julie chose the Minnie Mouse theme for Abby's upcoming birthday party.  Abby had a different idea every time I asked her, which had been daily for months.  This wasn't what I expected since Aaron planned his entire third birthday party to the last detail and had the theme a year in advance. 

So as we were getting into January and I still didn't have a theme and we were about to go on the Disney Cruise, Julie chose Minnie Mouse for me.  And I thought I would get a great picture of Abby with Minnie on the Cruise and use it for her invitations and her cake and then...

 Abby got this actual Minnie from Grandma on the cruise and it is probably the first thing in her life that she has really latched onto.  So I decided to have her birthday pictures made with it.  On a whim, at the last minute, I grabbed this Minnie Mouse tea set that Uncle Eric got Abby for Christmas.  I thought this turned out so cute that I changed her party to 'Tea with Minnie' and am using this on the invitation.

 But this right here.  Seriously.


Ummm, thanks Julie.  I think we have a perfect theme for this girl's party. 

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