Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The kids had their last day of swim for this semester yesterday.

 Next week Abby will be promoted to a different type of class.  It's actually for three year olds (which she almost is).  She will have the same teacher she has had for a long time.  We love him. 
 Aaron will be in the same class type but with a different teacher.  For the first time they will be on different days.  Abby will go while Aaron is at school, but Aaron will continue on Monday nights which means that Abby will be watching him swim and not actually getting to swim.  I am sure she won't like this.  Abby LOVES to swim.

The kids did SO well this semester.  We definitely saw so much improvement in the last few months.  It's funny to think about where they were in September compared to now!

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