Saturday, January 18, 2014


Yesterday was Abby Golz's birthday party at Paradise Pond.  The kids were so excited.  I forget how much they love it there.  They actually have a PJ Party with the Pastor there on Friday.  They are going to be thrilled.

Aaron found some planes from the movie Planes and was so happy.  He was just flying them around the room.

Picture time!

 My kids were both cheesing!
 We knew that the cake was going to have balloons on it,
 so Abby actually picked out a balloon dress so she could match the cake!
 I had to take this picture.  Abby is the slowest eater, but she sure enjoys her food.  Every single other kid had finished eating and was playing in The Pond and Abby just ate her cake, bite by bite, as the room was cleaned around her.  Love this girl.
 This Merry Go Round is powered by the kids pedaling the bikes.  It was going really fast here and I'm sure that was because of the older kids participating, but Abby was super focused and just pedaling her little heart out.
 Slide fun!
We love the Golz Family.  The kids have such a great time at their parties.  The favors were awesome - Aaron got a National Geographic Shark Book (you could not pick anything better) and Abby got a Princess Book.  Aaron said "that party sure was fun!".

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