Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just some stuff

Aaron acting silly for the camera

Aaron drew this picture of himself swimming with dolphins and he wrote at the bottom, "I am swimming with the dolphin"
 Riding our bikes Sunday because it is always 75 degrees the day before a horrible cold front moves in.  And goodness, this one lasted.  Funny thing, it's breaking tomorrow for another 75 degree day after a week of freezing, BUT what does that mean???  Saturday it is freezing and Sunday it is snowing.  Which is why Dallas is banned from hosting the Super Bowl.
Before church.  You see Minnie, right?

 More Sunday weather pictures




Aaron's school work.  (The first one is a heart).

 Katie Grace on Monday in Aaron's wagon
 Abby during Aaron's swim class on Monday.  The kids are on two different days now.  They are both in much harder classes than their last ones.  They look a bit confused, but the teachers assure me they will be rock stars by the end.

I don't know.  But I love this outfit.  It has ballet shoes on it.

 Hey there!
 She wanted me to take a picture of Minnie.  She straps Minnie in a car seat beside her when we go anywhere in order to keep her safe.  She only lets her go when I drop her at school and church (it's more like surgical removal, but we'll take it).
 Valentine's Day two years ago


I'm having the bottom layer of this cake done for Abby's birthday.  I've been busy gathering Minnie items here and there.  I think it will be cute. 

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