Friday, January 10, 2014

Day Three

This was such a great day! Abby was recovering from her 15 hour day the day before and not having naps for a couple of days and she slept really late.  This was the day we were in Mexico and Aaron was signed up to do a dolphin encounter.  (Abby was too young).  So, I stayed with Abby and caught up on my Bible Study while she rested.


Then we had a super delightful breakfast just the two of us.

My one picture of Cozumel.  Sheri took a ton of great pictures of the dolphin encounter and I am so grateful.  That will be a post by itself.
After breakfast we swam until lunch.  It was so nice because a lot of people were off the ship.



Minnie was ready for dinner!  Each night after dinner the kids went to do activities and the adults hung out together.  Aaron had a couple of places he could go.  His favorite was the lab.  They had computers and all kinds of really neat stuff.  There were planned activities each hour all day or you could play on your own.  One night he did a cooking class and made chocolate chip cookies (which he got to eat) and one night he built a car to race in the Piston Cup Challenge.  Abby could have also gone to the kids activities (they are officially for 3-11 or 3-14 year olds, depending on the room, but since she is over 2 1/2 she can go as long as she doesn't get upset), but I put her in the nursery instead and she had soooo much fun.  She made a craft each night and we got to bring them home.  They also took her picture and sent those home.  They said that one night she spontaneously started singing The Wheels on The Bus and got the entire nursery to join in.  The leaders got out the tamborines and they had a show! She really enjoyed the nursery and the workers told me they really enjoyed her, so that was fabulous for us.


This was Pirates Night, so Minnie was dressed as a Pirate before dinner.

We all got to be pirates at dinner!


The kids obviously had a blast on this trip and Jory and I really enjoyed it, too.  It was a great balance of family time, kid time and one on one time!

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