Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day Four

This was the last full day of cruising.  We had eaten all of our day time meals at buffets or fast food and I wanted a sit down meal, so Aaron and I headed to the Menu Only Restaurant.  He wore his PJs to breakfast every morning.  Partly because Abby was still sleeping when he left each day and it was easier to get him quietly out of the room without changing him.  And partly because he wanted to.
This was a raining, windy day and we didn't go on deck.  We went to a game show and we went to crafts.  Which was ridiculously fun and the kids' crafts were hilarious.  Of course, I wasn't much help.

We went dancing on the strobe light floor



Abby was Snow White for lunch.  She loved all of the costumes.  Everything she wore on this trip, except for a Finding Nemo dress was given to us.  LOVE.


Aaron had a make your own sundae at lunch


We went to another show that day.  It was called Dreams and had lots of Princesses and Disney Characters in it.  Mickey and Minnie showed up, too.  It was fun.  The theater was fun and there was popcorn!

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