Sunday, January 19, 2014

Some stuff

This picture was actually taken on New Year's Day.  The kids were asking me to take pictures of them.
I saved this tag from the cruise.  Abby had a tag when she was in the nursery.  After Grandma Sheri bought her the Minnie Doll that she has yet to put down she took it to nursery with her.  The workers gave Minnie her very own tag at Abby's request.  Love. 
Aaron had PJ day at school Friday.  They were collecting PJs for kids in need.  He wore his Thomas Pajamas, but he had this sweatshirt that John and Kim bought him over them in the morning. 
Abby got some new clothes from Katie Grace this week and she was so happy.  And here's Minnie.  Minnie goes everywhere. She started dropping Minnie getting out of the car the other day and she started yelling, "I'm losting Minnie!  I'm losting Minnie! I need Minnie!"
So, I got a label maker for my birthday from (my dad and) Sheri.  It is amazing to me that I survived 38 years without one.  Pitiful.  I labeled the kids photo albums and scrapbooks.  It made me crazy happy.

Abby had Dad's Day at school yesterday.  The theme was Wild West.  She and Jory both wore pearl snap shirts and boots.  They did some two stepping.  They both said it was fun.  Abby had been sooo excited about it. 
We went to the outlet mall after Dad's Day to get some things at Bed Bath and Beyond (another birthday gift).  The kids love to sit in the rides that are throughout the mall.

Aaron was so excited to take Jory into the Disney Store and show him all the Planes stuff and all the other stuff.

I really thought we were never leaving this store. 

We had a super fun day yesterday.  We ended up eating at the mall which we've never done.  The kids got Sbarro pizza which I ate at the mall growing up.  They each ate a whole huge slice. 

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