Friday, January 10, 2014

Day Two

 Breakfast on the second day. The meals were so much fun.  People just brought you whatever you wanted!


Waiting in line for the Princess Gathering.  FYI, the Princess Gathering was the only thing that was a bit of a beating.  It was a photo opportunity to see four of the princesses at the same time and get your picture with each.  It was wildly popular (each time - there were three with the same princesses) and it took so long because everyone was having four pictures made.  We waited an hour for this and then Aaron wanted to do it again.  Ummm, no.  After that we only did photo opportunities with one character and there really wasn't much wait. 

 Aaron always introduced himself and Abby

After the Princess Gathering the kids hung out in Grandma and Grandpa's room for a bit while Jory and I got some coffee!
 We ate lunch on the pool deck.  Tarzan was playing on a movie screen.  There were always three movies showing on board, two in theatres and one on deck.  The one on the deck was always Rated G.  I thought that was pretty cool.  I wouldn't have spent cruise time to sit in a movie theatre and watch something I could watch at home but I thought it was fun to have it going while we were eating outside.
 We went to a live show after lunch.  It was Toy Story, The Musical.  It was really neat.
 The kids had bunk beds on this trip which they considered awesome, but it took them so long to settle down and stop talking to each other each night and naps were just non-existent.  We're lucky we survived without having to throw someone over board.

 We went swimming in the afternoon.
 The kids loved the pools
 And the grandpa!

Before dinner we waited to see Cinderella again and got her autograph

 After dinner sundae.  Aaron honestly believes all meals come with dessert now!

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