Thursday, January 9, 2014


 This was right before we boarded.  We were so glad these folks came with us.  It was priceless for their grandkids and we enjoyed spending time with tim.
 Looking at the Port of Galveston


There was a Meet the Characters party by the pool and Aaron loved it!!


 Waiting for dinner.  The dinners were great.  All the meals were.  There were so many choices.  I wanted to eat in every restaurant for every meal.  I think I would plan my meals more strategically if we went again.
 The kids got a fabulous Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar for dessert the first night.  Grandma Sheri was so jealous they brought her one!

 After dinner Aaron and I waited so he could see Mickey again.  He had changed his shirt and was sure to point that out.  This was actually Mickey Mouse.  As opposed to Chuck E Cheese who is a man dressed up like Chuck E.  Just so you know.  That makes it super cool.

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