Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Final Days of December

 The top picture is actually from my birthday, I don't think that one ever got posted.

 I am surprised as December wraps up that there are two December outfits that Abigail didn't wear (I'm saving my favorite for tomorrow).  One was a white smocked Santa PJ set.  We had way more Pajama days last December when ice covered our world for a week.
 That was also when Frozen came out and forever changed our world.  Abigail loves this Frozen dress with the snow flakes.
 She dressed herself for nap yesterday with the top from the My Little Pony PJs she picked out in Florida and pink Santa PJ pants.
 She got Elsa slippers in one of her stockings and I was so excited because her Minnie slippers are disgusting.  Alas, the Elsa slippers were too small (she has huge feet) and we headed to Walmart to return them.  They were out of Elsa and all things Frozen, but Abigail was SO excited to replace with new Minnie Slippers!

 Aaron earned 100 marbles yesterday.  This was quite a feat since (1) its his second time doing it in six months and (2) he lost all of his marbles twice since cashing in his first 100.  He was so proud and excited to go to Toys R Us.  I was really surprised that he was getting more Legos.  Really?  We're not good in that area?


 He took his time and picked this set out. 
 He was So, So, So excited about this Lego set.  He could not wait to show his Dad.  He went on and on about how good this set was.
 He went right to work on it. 
 He had to go to bed and he told his Dad that he didn't think he could sleep because he was so excited about his new Legos.  He got right up this morning and kept on going.


 Abigail wore new Minnie pants that Kim got her today.  But she wore a red sweater so it counted for December.  The white sandals just will not die.  Love this Sweet Girl!

Sunday, December 28, 2014


We did not have Sunday School today so we didn't have to leave for church until 10:15 which was so weird.  I felt like we were just sitting around looking at each other all morning!  Abigail spent the morning playing with her Frozen vanity and Aaron put together the lego sets he got at Grandad's yesterday.
 I love this plaid dress from Katie Grace!  Abigail wore a camel coat that used to be mine and I could have just swooned.


Aaron said he needed a picture of him eating something healthy for PE.  I don't know.
We spent the day at home resting.  It was a nice weekend and we are sad to see Daddy go back to work tomorrow.

Christmas at Grandad's

Last Sunday, we had the Allen Family Christmas and this is a scene from that,
But we always have a Christmas just with the kids at Grandad and Mimi's and they asked us to come on the 27th.


Abigail wore one of my favorite Christmas dresses.  It's simple and she should be able to wear it next year.  The kids got such great things!  Aaron was probably most excited about a few more Legoes!
Abigail got a Frozen Vanity.  When we got home and set it up she was hugging it and saying, "I love it SOOOO much!"


She also got Frozen puzzles


Aaron got a Big Boy Bike!  In Dragon Green!


It was a sweet little visit.





Saturday, December 27, 2014


On Christmas Eve we went to church where we got to see Katie Grace perform a solo of Happy Birthday, Jesus.
 Afterwards, we drove around looking at Christmas lights and then went to the Huffman's for dinner.
It was a lot of fun.

When we got home the kids worked hard on letters to Santa


 They set them by the fireplace with cookies and milk.  Here's a picture after the gifts arrived but before Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk!

 In the morning the cookies and milk and letters were gone and there was a letter to each child from Santa, candy canes and one gift for each. 



 Aaron got the Marble Tower he asked for

And Abigail got a ballerina doll

 This was them waiting to go in and see what Santa had left.  Abigail slept late for her, which is funny since she's been waking up at 5:30 since school got out, so Aaron had to wait so patiently.  We told him he couldn't go in the living room and he didn't, but he told us later that he peeked.

Christmas Day was very, very nice.  We made breakfast and Jory read the Christmas Story from the Bible as he has every year no matter where we are.  We were home the entire day and the kids stayed in their PJs.  Abigail wore these red and white ones with a Christmas tree on them.  We asked the kids if they wanted to get dressed for dinner, but they didn't and we didn't care.  We had a wonderful morning.  Jory made a homemade breakfast and the kids played.  They took a nap and when they woke up John and Kim were pulling in.  We had the dinner the kids had prepared and it was very, very good.  (Except for the chewy rolls that didn't have enough flour because the kids got tired of mixing)

The kids had a good time opening presents from Dee and Papa.


Aaron was very excited to get another Lego City.  This is a helicopter one.

He spent the entire morning the day after Christmas working on it.

The Day after Christmas Abigail and I ran errands.  She wore an Elsa dress which she argued fit into Dressing for December because of the snowflakes.



Aaron was so proud to get his helicopter done.

At one point I realized he'd been in the same clothes for about two days!


 I had been very unsure about being home for Christmas, but we had a lovely time.



Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Week


 On Monday we went to John and Kim's for the morning.  Abigail wore a plain red jumper


We went to lunch afterwards and then  spent the afternoon at home.



On Tuesday we ran some errands.  Abigail was wearing a red dress with pink roses that is probably more Valentine's than Christmas.

Aaron made cookies in the afternoon 


He decorated one for Santa and one for Mrs. Claus and left them on a Santa plate by the fire place. 


 Today was a fun, sweet day.  We stayed in our PJs.  They aren't really Christmas, but they have pine trees on them and they match each other, so we are going with it.

The kids substantially made the entire Christmas dinner by themselves.  We will do the turkey and potatoes tomorrow, but they made homemade yeast rolls, cake, pie, salad, dressing and cranberry sauce.


 None of it looks very good and I'm a bit nervous about taste, but the kids are So proud and they had so much fun.
 These are what your rolls look like, right?



Bless it

Reindeer food!


Tonight we are going to Christmas Eve service and looking at lights.  Merry Christmas!