Saturday, December 13, 2014

The second week of December, Part Two

On Thursday night, Jory and I had the Christmas Party for the Sunday School class we teach.  The kids helped me set up and took to eating the ham.  Abigail dressed in a dress Grandma Sheri bought her in Florida.

 To school, though, she had worn a santa dress.   Her teacher was quite the quick thinker when she got a nose bleed and she kept the dress clean!
 Abigail was loving this ornament from A meaningful Christmas.  She was singing about the grey donkey clomp clomping on its way to Bethlehem.

 Some scenes from our party.  We hosted it, but had to move the location when we had so many people RSVP. 





On Friday Abigail wore a reindeer jumper.

 We got Aaron's school pictures back!

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