Thursday, December 18, 2014

This Week


Most of these pictures were taken with my phone, so I apologize.  This was actually the picture taken by the church where we went to Breakfast with Santa on Saturday.  Abigail is not wearing tights or socks because she dressed herself.
 Aaron put this together by himself, pretty quickly.  He is obsessed with his legoes.  He would rather play with them than eat.
 After church on Sunday we had our Second Sunday Supper at Dickey's. 
 And then Abigail got her umbrella.  Which she sleeps with.
 On Monday night we had our Sunday School Supper Club.  We actually didn't take our kids and then we got to go on a date after!
 Abigail wore this on Monday.  It seems December-like to me, even if it's not really Christmas.
 The same with Tuesday's dress.  It has velvet so it qualifies.  I got a picture from her teacher this day of her making something with two boys in her class.  There she was in her velvet dress with her friends in their Hulk T-shirts.  Her mama is weird.
 On Tuesday night Jory and I had an event at the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum.  Absolutely amazing.  People should visit here just to go.



 On Wednesday Abigail wore a red dress. It's one of my favorites because it is cord and keeps her warm.  It was dreary Wednesday. 
 Aaron made this ornament at school.
 Thursday was Polar Express Day, so Abigail wore Christmas PJs.  She was mostly excited about her Minnie Mouse clip from Grandma Sheri.



She was reading these Minnie Mouse books she got for Christmas and we could barely get her to school.

 I decided to take a picture of the four Lego Cities we have going on right now.  Bless it.  The inventor of Lego must be the wealthiest man ever.


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