Monday, December 1, 2014


 So I have over 60 pictures from this day.  We celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with my Dad, Sheri and my brothers.  Everyone came over in the morning and we had French Toast Casserole and Quiche.  The kids LOVE their cousins.

After we ate we did pictures of each family

 And all the kids











And then it was present time.  Aaron got this Book of Records that he is obsessed with











Then the kids played together

We went out for Thanksgiving Dinner.  It was at Salt Fork Lodge and it was very pretty.  It was snowing.  It was our White Christmas


We tried desperately to get a picture of Leah and Abigail in their matching dresses





We wanted to go to Aunt Pam's after this and I'm sad that we didn't but the kids were spent and they crashed at the house.  Abigail didn't wake up until after 6.  So we had a simple dinner and went to see the light show downtown.  My kids love the light show at my town's court house.  It really is quite fantastic.  We sit in the car with the matching music playing and they are awed.  This was a really great day.

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