Sunday, December 14, 2014

Toys R Us

 In our house, the kids earn marbles for their good choices and lose them for bad choices.  When they get 100 marbles they can go to Toys R Us and pick an item.  It's taken Abigail about six months to earn 100 marbles (that's a lot of good choices for a three year old).  She was so excited to go to Toys R Us.  I think she touched every single item in the store and wanted to get just the right thing.

She chose an umbrella.  This was somewhat practical since it was actually raining today, but really Abigail just loves stuff like this.  She has always loved a good hood.  She loves an excuse to wear rain boots.  She drags her winter coats out if it drops below 80 and now she has an umbrella.  She played with it all day.  She went to different rooms in the house where it was either 'raining' or not so she could put the umbrella up and down.  We read books under it and rode our bikes with it.  She could NOT wait to show Aaron.  He was a little underwhelmed and tried to explain to her that an umbrella is not a toy.  She could not be brought down. 
We went after church today.  She wore a blue velvet dress to church that isn't technically Christmas dress, but velvet always screams Christmas to me. 

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