Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Birthday

I had such a wonderful, relaxing day with my family yesterday.  Though the kids were up by 6 and Abigail was in our room in full dance mode, with her stocking filled with stuff.  She's a hoarder.  She danced to Let it Go for me.  The above picture is Aaron in new PJs he got in Florida from Grandma Sheri and Grandpa Tom.  He picked them out and I think he looks adorable.



We went to a new coffee shop.  Abigail wore a dress that wasn't Christmas (though it had red on it), but it used to be mine and it makes me happy when she wears it.  The Red sweater and big red bow made up for it.

Julie gave me Tupperware because it NEVER comes back.  (I take a lot of meals to people.  A lot.  And I always send Julie pictures of my empty Tupperware cupboard.)  And a CFA card because I always get one at the MOPS Christmas party and this was the first year since I've had kids that I didn't and I thought I might die.  And a Giving Plate which she made herself and wrote free hand.  Good night.  When did I become friends with people who do such things?


We went shopping at Southlake Town Square and I got a dress  with an Ann Taylor gift card John and Kim gave me for my birthday.  We ate lunch at Penn Station which is such a yankee place and will probably not last long in Texas, but I love it and they have completely Northern sandwiches and fries.  My family actually really likes it, though they keep asking "What it this?"  Whatever.
 Abigail's old preschool teacher came over to keep the kids so we could go to dinner.  I love her.  We went to Silver Fox, which I also love.  We went to Truluck's for dessert because our Sunday School class gave us a gift card for Truluck's because they know I love the coffee there.  It was a lovely day all the way through.

Today Abigail wore this Christmas dress from Grandma Sheri.  She got SO many compliments at church.  Our service was awesome and now we are off to the Allen Family Christmas Party. 

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