Tuesday, December 2, 2014

And Another Travel Day

 I didn't want to leave on Saturday, but it was probably time.  Aaron travels a lot better as he gets older, but Abigail is still littler than I think most time and she was at her limit.  We left late again and I really liked that.  The kids enjoyed a lazy morning with their grandparents.  There were actually two uninterrupted hours when Aaron was working on a workbook with Grandpa Mike and Abigail was reading with Grandma Beth.  Jory and I read books.  It was fabulous.  The kids also played outside a bit.  Mom and Mike put corn by their tree and three deer eat there every day.  We watched them eating on Friday afternoon and it was so fun for Aaron.  They were beautiful.



 Mom took us to the airport and we had dinner there.  The OSU game was on at the restaurant and Aaron was very into that.

The plane was on time and they actually gave cookies to the kids on the flight.  Warm, melty chocolate chip cookies!  When we got back we got to ride the bus again.

Abigail pulled one of the suitcases from the baggage claim to the car.  She was very proud.


Mom had packed bagels for the kids so they had a snack and we went straight to bed when we got home.  We had church the next morning and the kids were up and at 'em.  The trip went so well and we loved it!

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