Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Final Days of December

 The top picture is actually from my birthday, I don't think that one ever got posted.

 I am surprised as December wraps up that there are two December outfits that Abigail didn't wear (I'm saving my favorite for tomorrow).  One was a white smocked Santa PJ set.  We had way more Pajama days last December when ice covered our world for a week.
 That was also when Frozen came out and forever changed our world.  Abigail loves this Frozen dress with the snow flakes.
 She dressed herself for nap yesterday with the top from the My Little Pony PJs she picked out in Florida and pink Santa PJ pants.
 She got Elsa slippers in one of her stockings and I was so excited because her Minnie slippers are disgusting.  Alas, the Elsa slippers were too small (she has huge feet) and we headed to Walmart to return them.  They were out of Elsa and all things Frozen, but Abigail was SO excited to replace with new Minnie Slippers!

 Aaron earned 100 marbles yesterday.  This was quite a feat since (1) its his second time doing it in six months and (2) he lost all of his marbles twice since cashing in his first 100.  He was so proud and excited to go to Toys R Us.  I was really surprised that he was getting more Legos.  Really?  We're not good in that area?


 He took his time and picked this set out. 
 He was So, So, So excited about this Lego set.  He could not wait to show his Dad.  He went on and on about how good this set was.
 He went right to work on it. 
 He had to go to bed and he told his Dad that he didn't think he could sleep because he was so excited about his new Legos.  He got right up this morning and kept on going.


 Abigail wore new Minnie pants that Kim got her today.  But she wore a red sweater so it counted for December.  The white sandals just will not die.  Love this Sweet Girl!

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