Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's Eve

 This picture is actually from Dec 30 before dinner.  She wore a sweater dress she got in Florida with her cowboy boots.


In the morning on New Year's Eve the whole family wore red and blue for the Peach Bowl.  It did not help.

And we ate lunch at Kroger and got balloons.  It was pretty much the best dining experience ever. 
In the evening I put the last Dressing for December outfit on Abigail and she just wanted me to take a picture of her balloon.
 Y'all, I love this dress.  It was given to us by someone who had it given to her.  The only requirement was that I pass it on, as well.  I can't wait.
 We had the Cottons and Elliotts over for New Years Eve. 
After dinner the kids watched movies and the adults played board games.  It was relaxed and fun. 

We are glad to usher 2014 away and look forward to 2015!

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